Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport

Swiss-based The Nuance Group is one of the leading players in the travel retail industry. The Group’s portfolio includes 430 outlets across 63 airports and 20 countries around the globe. In addition to its duty and tax free stores, Nuance operates specialist shops and brand boutiques, Food & Beverage operations, a distribution business, stores at casinos and resorts as well as outlets on board airplanes. Some 5,200 employees work for The Nuance Group worldwide.

In Malta International Airport, Nuance operates four outlets being a 960 square meters Departure Tax and Duty Free walk through shop, a 105 square meter Swift Shop at the Departure Non Schengen area, a 100 square meters Swift Arrivals shop and newly developed 145 square metre “Spirit of Malta” destination concept.

The Departure walkthrough Tax and Duty Free Store at Malta International Airport features distinct shops-in-the-shop for diverse categories: a “World of Wine & Champagne” presenting a breathtaking choice of champagnes and wines; a “World of Cigars” with its own nine square-metre walk-in humidor; and a “World of Chocolate”, featuring a wide selection of confectionery, from premium open chocolate sold over the counter to multi-packs of chocolate for self-consumption. Another section features locally harvested and produced products. A large portion of the store is dedicated to the perfume & cosmetics category, which has very much grown in size.

In addition to the Tax and Duty Free Store, The Nuance Group proudly operates “Spirit of Malta”. This destination concept is the perfect place to browse when looking for a special gift or souvenir. The concept caters to tourists, business travellers and locals alike by offering top-quality ware such as hand-crafted glass, a variety of local wines and liquors, a good assortment of local food ranging from the traditional galletti and gbejniet to pate’s and olive oils, local confectionery like the traditional honey rings, nougat and carob sweets, or the typical Maltese cross in every variation. The store design evokes the unusual setting of a typical local Maltese limestone quarry, with limestone-covered walls and a light-blue ceiling reminiscent of the waves of the Mediterranean as well as a lightly clouded sky.

Savina products can be found both in the Departure walk through Tax and Duty Free Shop and The Spirit of Malta, with a vast range of the assortment.

Malta International Airport

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