Secret Santa Presents

Give the Gift of Good Taste!

’tis the season… stuck for something different and worth your while for your secret Santa get-together? From magical gifts to decadent delights our glittering Christmas shop is packed full of Christmas gifts ideas to spread your cheer around… and make it memorable!


Merry Christmas Crib – Metal Gift Box

Merry Christmas Crib – Metal Gift Box Dimensions: 18cm x 12.5cm x 4.5cm

Secret Santa – Green Metal Gift Box

Secret Santa – Green Metal Gift Box Dimensions: 18cm x 12.5cm x 4.5cm

Secret Santa – Red Metal Gift Box

Secret Santa – Red Metal Gift Box Dimensions: 18cm x 12.5cm x 4.5cm

Floral Mini Tea Tin Gift with Loose-Leaf Tea

These beautiful mini tins capture our favourite quintessentially English floral designs and form part of our Floral range. These collectable, pretty tins contain a range of our loose-leaf black teas, each one a classic rich, smooth and delicious blend. Floral Mini Tea Tin Gift contains: 1 x 25g English Breakfast Tea 1 x 25g English […]

Floral Tea Tins Gift with teabags

This pretty Floral Tea Tins Gift contains 3 separate tins with a total of 36 teabags; 12 Earl Grey, 12 English Breakfast and 12 English Afternoon.  Our best-selling Floral gift set. Floral Tea Tins Gift contains: 12 English Breakfast teabags 12 English Afternoon teabags 12 Earl Grey Tea teabags Infusion Tips Boil fresh water to […]

Vintage Victorian Mini Tin Gift Pack – 3 Varieties of Loose Leaf Traditional Black Teas

This Vintage Victorian Mini Tin gift pack contains 3 mini tins each full of our best-selling loose-leaf tea blends.  English Breakfast, English Afternoon & Earl Grey. Each gift set contains 3 loose leaf tea mini tins. 1 x 25g loose-leaf English Breakfast Tea 1 x 25g loose-leaf English Afternoon Tea 1 x 20g loose-leaf Earl […]

Gianduiotti Classici – Classic Chocolate Gianduiotti

Individually wrapped ingot-shaped chocolates filled with Piemonte hazelnuts. The first thing that captures you as you unwrap the chocolate is the intense scent of cocoa and hazelnuts. The smooth, silky, melt-in-the-mouth taste is a prelude to the pleasure on your palate … an intense experience which involves all your senses.  

Piaceri Italiani - Cuneesi al Rhum - Cuneesi with Rum
Cuneesi al Rhum – Cuneesi with Rum

Cuneesi with Rum is a typical crunchy dark chocolate shell that envelopes a luscious Jamaican Rum cream filling. The aroma of the rum hits you as soon as you unwrap the distinctive red wrapper and the marriage of dark chocolate with the cream filling uplifts your palate to a new degree of umami. The name […]

Piaceri Italiani - Baci di Dama
Baci di Dama

Baci di dama are simply to die for! Made according to the Piedmontese tradition, two artisan, crunchy biscuits encase a layer of hazelnut and almond paté, made from the renowned Piedmontese hazelnuts, and a layer of dark chocolate! Will make the perfect addition to a high tea or simply enjoyed as an evening after-dinner goodie! […]

Piaceri Italiani - Tartufi Neri - Black Truffles
Tartufi Neri – Dark Chocolate Truffles

Individually wrapped truffles in dark chocolate. Made by combining toasted crushed hazelnuts and cocoa to produce melt in mouth delicacies.

Savina Dark Chocolate with Strawberries and Pistachios

The familiar flavor of strawberries marries well with the nutty pistachios on this ethereal dark chocolate. A truly royal fruit and nut combo! Chocolate is best enjoyed when it is savoured slowly. For this luxury bar, at Savina, we use the best quality chocolate in the world, handcrafted and rich in cocoa butter, thereby giving […]

Savina Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almonds

Discover a unique combination of smooth, intense dark chocolate, delicately sprinkled with crisp almond slivers and orange pieces, for an authentic texture and refined taste experience. Enjoy the satisfying crisp snap and cherish the rich aroma as the chocolate melts on the tongue… soooo divine!  

Savina Honey and Carob
Taste of Malta Pure Gozo Honey 50g and Carob 40g

Savina’s Pure Gozo Honey is traditionally used in seasonal sweet desserts such as; “qaghaq ta’ l-ghasel” honey rings, “kwarezimal” baked dough topped with honey and almonds eaten during Lent, and “xkumvat” a traditional sweet served at a child’s first birthday party. Savina’s Pure Carob Syrup is made from the fruit of one of the oldest […]

Scented candle
Savina Floral Essence Scented Candle

Floral Essence Scented Candle Net Weight : 125g

Scented candle
Savina Floral Essence Scented Hand Poured Candle

Savina Floral Essence Scented Hand Poured Candle Net Weight : 125g

Pink Chocolate with Rose petals and pistacchios
Savina Luxury Pink Chocolate with Rose Petals and Pistachios

Our  artisan pink chocolate harmonises beautifully with aromatic rose petals and crispy pistachios – a particularly sophisticated combination! The chocolate is handcrafted from the finest Belgian chocolate and is great treat for all chocolate lovers who seek and deserve the extraordinary!  

Lemon Liqueur
Savina Lumincetta in Prestige Wooden Box

Savina Lumincetta Lemon Liqueur 27% vol 50cl e – including a wooden presentation keepsake box. Marì and her husband Indrì were regular suppliers to Magro Brothers’ cannery. Moreover, Marì preserves and liqueurs offered a special treat to all the family. This range of premium liqueurs has been aptly dedicated in memory of this special lady […]

Amarettu ta Mari
Savina Amarettu Almond Liqueur

Savina Amarettu Almond Liqueur 24% vol 70cl e -Traditional Mediterranean Almond Liqueur Amarettu ta` Mari is a traditional Mediterranean Liqueur which is very popular in Malta. Highly recommended to give a distinctive almond flavor to sweets, pastries and cocktails.

Hanini Digestiv
Savina Hanini After Dinner Carob Liqueur

Savina Hanini After dinner Carob Liqueur 24% vol 70cl e SWEETHEART – After-dinner liqueur made from Carob, Caramel & Aromatic Herbs Hanini is a carob based digestive liqueur. This liqueur is named after M.V Hanini; a ship that rendered an impeccable service to the Gozitan commercial community. For over three decades M.V. Hanini was employed […]

Anisetta Liqueur
Savina Anisetta Liqueur

Savina Anisetta Liqueur 50cle 38%Vol – aniseed aromatised liqueur; traditionally served with coffee & to flavour desserts.  

Savina Bruschetta Dipping Oil with Extra Virgin Olive oil and Herbs

This oil is an excellent accompaniment to traditional Mediterranean Bruschetta topping and delicious with warm bread.  

Savina Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil

This oil is exquisite with chicken or salad dishes and sprinkled over pizzas or simply used as a dipping oil with fresh warm bread.

Savina Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary and Thyme

This infused olive oil is recommended to flavor vegetables, salads and meat dishes.  

Savina Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Crushed Chilli Peppers and Crushed Garlic

This Mediterranean infused olive oil is highly recommended for use with fish, salad and salsa dishes. The blend used makes it ideal to be used with fresh warm bread.  

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