Stocking Filler Gifts

Give the Gift of Good Taste!

Discover our gifts full of merriment! From sweet treats, teas, wines and other exquisite delights, your stocking will pop with a sleighful of delights on Christmas morning.


Savina Mini Sun-Ripened Fig Conserve

Sun-Ripened Fig Conserve 125g  

Savina Mini Juicy Pomegranate Jam

Juicy Pomegranate Jam 125g e  

Artichoke Pate
Savina Artichoke Pate

A delicate blend of artichokes, cheese, nuts and garlic make this Artichoke Pate an exquisite pasta sauce or may even be used as a dip.  

Basil Pate
Savina Basil Pate

Basil, cheese and pine nuts make this Basil Pate an excellent pasta sauce. It may also be used as a dip.  

Olive Pate
Savina Olive Pate

The finest selection of black and green olives, capers and olive oil make this Olive Pate a must taste delight and is ideal both with pasta or on its own, as a dip.  

Sweet Chilli Pepper Pate
Savina Sweet and Chilli Pepper Pate

A mild piquant pate made with sweet chilli peppers. Ideal as a pasta sauce or may be used as a dip.  

Coated Hazelnuts
Savina Coated Hazelnuts

Irresistable hazelnuts, coated with caramelised sugar &  honey presented in a balsa wood container, ready to share… once you pop one you cannot stop!  

Coated Almonds
Savina Coated Almonds with Caramelised Sugar and Honey

Handcrafted Almonds coated with caramelised sugar & honey, presented in a balsa wood container, ready to share… that is if you manage to share them!  

Red Mulled Wine
Savina Mini Red Mulled Wine

Rich and fruity red wine enriched with warm spices.  This exclusively blended wine makes the ideal evening to put you in the spirit. To appreciate the subtle aroma of this rich & fruity red wine, serve warm and preferably with a slice of orange. To heat: Transfer contents to a saucepan and heat gently until […]

Tracklements Mini Strong English Mustard

If you’re looking for the perfect pairing for gammon, that little something to liven up bangers and mash, or a spiced up stew, then our Strong English Mustard is for you. Incredibly versatile, our English mustard has won multiple awards, like the Great Taste Awards and Taste of the West Awards, so you know that […]

Tracklements Mini Robust Wholegrain Mustard

Earthy, piquant and utterly delicious. Stir through cheese sauce or mash for a robust tang and an attractive speckle. Try adding a spoonful to mashed potatoes or cheese sauce.

Aromatic Candle
Savina Mini Celebrity Candle

A festive Spice aromatic scented candle.

Aromatic Candle
Savina Mini Winter Glow Candle

Apple & Cinnamon aromatic scented candle.

Aromatic Candle
Savina Mini Summer Treat Candle

To prevent fire, keep burning candles within sight and keep away from flammable material. Keep out of reach of children and pets. To avoid smoke or sooting keep wick trimmed to 5mm at all times. Extinguish with care as wax may splatter. DO NOT HANDLE HOT CONTAINER. APPROX BURN TIME 14HRS

Aromatic Candle
Savina Mini Spring Delight Candle

Herbal citrus aromatic scented candle.

Aromatic Candle
Savina Mini Autumn Dreams Candle

Spiced Vanilla  aromatic scented candle.

Scented candle
Savina Floral Essence Scented Hand Poured Candle

Savina Floral Essence Scented Hand Poured Candle Net Weight : 125g

Almond Spreadable Cream

Discover our luxurious Cream Artigianale di Mandorla! Perfect for adding to your favourite bakes and delicious desserts, spreading on toast, drizzling over pancakes or… simply indulging in straight from the jar.

Croccante Sesamo- Crunchy Sesame Nougat

These heavenly sesame nougatines are a definitive snack to enjoy! All the sesame goodness in every bite!

Torroncini Teneri con Cioccolato Fondente – Soft Nougat with Dark Chocolate

Nougat bites made with decadent dark chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts and honey… a little bit of heaven in every bite!

Croccante Arachidi – Crunchy Peanuts Nougat

The peanut brittle is an artisanal product made in Italy. It is produced exclusively by hand, the base is tasty and crunchy top quality peanuts. The peanut crunch is an excellent dessert to be consumed alone as a snack or as a snack. Excellent pairing with a dessert wine

Croccante Mandorle – Crunchy Almond Nougat

The Almond Crunch is handmade according to tradition only with products selected from the best to guarantee the highest quality. A perfect gift for the holidays and a delicious snack to share moments of sweetness with those you love.

Torrone Morbido Frutti di Bosco – Mixed Berries Soft Nougat

One of the tastiest variants of Piaceri Italiani’s nougats.  This berry-filled nougat is a little sinful pleasure to indulge in perhaps while sipping a cup of tea or after your sumptuous dinner. Truly truly sumptuous!

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