Charles Butler Treats Proper Old Fashioned English Sweets

A range of proper English sweets with a modern take! This hand made range of sweets has been created using traditional recipes that have been famous since 1848!

Only Charles Butler’s traditional recipes can create the true taste of the old-fashioned sweet shop!

Back in 1840’s, Charles Butler had a dream – he wanted to become the best, artisan, sweet confectioner the world over, he wanted his creations to leave their mark with all those that tasted his masterpieces and yearn for more… essentially he wanted his fare to be priceless pieces that were remembered as his legacy! And so they did!

Till today, Butler’s sweets and toffees are still made by hand to his original recipes, using only the finest and purest ingredients, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection. This has achieved him worldwide success… and his hand-made sweets simply cannot be beaten!

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