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Trofie Pasta

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Trofie is twisted pasta from Liguria in northern Italy.

The name could derive from the Genoese dialect ‘strufuggia’’, meaning to rub, a verb that indicates the hand movement needed to give the classic twisted shape to the dough.

In the traditional recipe, which is the most widespread, trofie are seasoned with the classic Ligurian pesto, prepared with the Genoese basil.

A variation, also used for other types of pasta seasoned with pesto, includes boiled potatoes and green beans.




Nutritional info

Average Values per 100g: Energy 1512KJ/357kcal, Fats 1.5g of which saturates 0.3g, Carbohydrate 72g of which sugars 2.2g, Fibre 3.5g, Protein 12g, Salt 0.02g

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.


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