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Savina Tan-Nar Cheese – Tal-Milord



Tal-Milord – a corrupted Maltese word meaning “My Lord”. is title was conferred upon noble English gentlemen by their waiting staff and has since become a common Maltese word and family nickname. The cheese-making method used for this artisan specialty is Tan-Nar, which for centuries was practiced by master cheese-makers in their Imhazen tan-Nar, warehouses located in various rural villages in Malta & Gozo. These craft workshops were equipped with sizeable vats and stoves where the curd was heated to set temperatures, following precise, age-tested recipes and processes. All this was being carried out when cooking in households was still done over stone stoves fueled with dried shrubbery and wood!

Tal-Milord is a semi-hard cheese that is made from a mixture of pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk and is aged for a minimum of 16 weeks. e texture of this cheese is firm enough to slice or cube it, and has a taste that is rich and creamy on the palate. It has a moist golden yellow rind and a creamy hue inside. e end result of this artisan Maltese cheese is a symphony of nutty flavours with a rich buttery finish; making it a true noble delicacy for connoisseurs!


Sheep & Goat’s Pasteurized MILK, Sea Salt, Rennet and Enzymes, Calcium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Lactic Culture, Natural Colour: Annatto.


Allergy Advice: contains Milk!

Nutritional info

Typical composition per 100g:Energy: 2001kJ, 482kcal; Fat: 38.1g; of which saturates: 23.9g; Carbohydrate: 1.0g; of which sugars: 1.0g; Fibre: 0.0g; Protein: 31.4g; Salt: 1.6g

Storage Instructions

Store in a refrigerator at a temperature between 4°C – 8°C. Product may be safely transported out of the fridge for a few hours.


Savina Creations Ltd, The Magro Food Village, Xewkija Gozo XWK3000, Gozo – Malta

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