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Savina Tan-Nar Cheese with Fennel



Up to the turn of the twentieth century Malta and Gozo boasted a strong culture of cheese making,and most towns and villages had their own “imhazen tan-nar” – large warehouses(Imhazen) which specialised in crafted cheese production through heat processes(tan-Nar). Hence the name of ‘Tan-Nar’ for this artisan cheese. When herdsmenhad excess milk, they took the fresh milk to these warehouses to turn it into cheese, which could be kept for longer periods of time. Tan-Nar cheese was made from a combination of two sources of milk usually cow and goat or sheep and goat. Hence, cheese from different herdsmen had its own particular taste,depending on the composition of the flock and where it grazed or what it wasfed. ­is created a very competitive market among the  craftsmen and herdsmen – both contesting for the best tasting cheese on the island!
As this cheese culture progressed, craftsmen became more adventurous with their recipes. In later  years one could find cheese with added pepper or common Maltese herbs of the time, like cumin and fennel. Today, we still follow thesame traditional recipe and methods, but using modern technology to guarantee food safety to the end consumers.
Tan-Nar Cheese with Fennel


Pasteurized MILK from cow and goat, Fresh CREAM (contains MILK)  MILK Solids, Sea Salt, Fennel (0.4%), Chives, Rennet and Enzymes, Calcium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Lactic Culture, Natural Colour: Annatto.



Nutritional info

TYPICAL NUTRITION per 100g:Energy 1734kJ/418kcal,Fats 32.1g of which saturates 20.7g,Carbohydrate 4.8g of which sugars 0.8g ,Fibre 0.1g, Protein 27.3g,Salt 1.6g.

Storage Instructions

Keep refrigerated between 4°C-8°C


Savina Creations Industrial Estate, Xewkija. Gozo,Malta

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