Piaceri Italiani Hampers

Le Eccellenze Regionali d’Italia

Hampers specially prepared to help you impress your family and friends for any occasion.

The range of Piaceri Italiani, is a fusion of age-old Italian traditional fare and regional gastronomic pleasures. Each product is carefully selected with particular detail to its artisan heritage and most products enjoy Protected Geographical Status. Piaceri Italiani hampers are aimed at the food connoisseur who possesses a passion for quality and a craving to discover time-honoured Italian specialties.  Free shipping to Malta & Gozo for orders over €45. We also organize shipping your hampers abroad.

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Create Your Own Hamper
Emozioni Father’s Day Hamper

This exceptional hamper is filled with regional delights typical of an Italian dinner! San Marzano Tomatoes from Campagnia or wine from Piemonte or maybe some trofie from Liguria? There’s nothing that compares to the emotion of savouring authentic Italian specialties! Emozioni Hamper contains I Tre Vescovi Barbera d’ Asti – Red Wine From Piemonte 750ml℮, […]

Celebrazione dei Sapori Father’s Day Hamper

Celebrate the moment with this Italian hamper filled with sweet and savoury goodies – and a glass of wine too! Picked, packed and ready to indulge in, this extravagant hamper is prepared for foodies and aficionados too! Celebrate “Natale” just like an Italian with a hamper packed with regional delicacies. Celebrazione dei Sapori contains Sella […]

Sapori e Sorprese Father’s Day Hamper

Surprise your dear ones or maybe you just want to complement your boss… an impressive hamper full of Italian specialties awaits you! Brimming with regional Italian gourmet food, moreish pralines and a couple of fine wine bottles, this hamper will be definitely work its wonders! Sapori e Sorprese Hamper contains Pietre del Sole Primitivo – […]

Autentiche Tradizioni Father’s Day Hamper

Authentically Italian… traditionally delicious! A box full of savoury delights awaits the lucky recipient of this splendid hamper – the wonderful flavours of Italy in every morsel! Autentiche Tradizioni Hamper  contains Raspini Salami with Chilli Pepper 150g℮, Dried Porcini 40g℮, Spaghetti alla Chitarra 500g℮, Pesto Zucchine e Basilico 130g℮, Tuna Stuffed Peppers 240g℮, Pickled Onions […]

Sentieri del Piacere Father’s Day Hamper

A hamper full of regional Italian delights to tantalise your senses! Sample the best of Puglia, Campagnia and Liguria – products that are expertly put together to bring out the best Italian flavours! Sentiere del Piacere Hamper contains Anchovy fillets in Olive Oil 100g℮, Bari Extra Virgin Olive DOP 75cl, Trofie Pasta 500g℮, Cherry Tomato […]

Buon Anno Father’s Day Hamper

Choose this gift and you will be sure to leave your mark! Buon Anno Hamper contians Rocca dei Forti Vino Spumante Dolce – Sparkling Sweet White Wine From Veneto 75cl, Raspini Stinco di Prosciutto Arrosto 600g℮, Dolcenero Praline di Cioccolato extra fondente ripiene di crema al gusto caramel 250g℮, Lenticchia di Altamura IGP 400g℮, Crema […]

Brindisi in Regalo Father’s Day Hamper

Salud! Santé! Prost! Skål! Kanpai! Cin Cin! …. anyway Cheers to you all! A party classic with an elegant twist! Brindisi in Regalo contains Rocca dei Forti Vino Spumante Brut – Sparkling Dry White Wine from Veneto 75cl, Assorted Chocolate Pralines with Forest Fruits & Caramel Fillings 150ge, Il Filone Gianduia Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar […]

Leila Prickly Pear Liqueur Gift Box

Leila uniquely combines an all-natural infusion of sweet Mediterranean Prickly Pears. Perfect for enjoying and serving in margaritas, martinis, lemonade or sparkling waters. Pack includes 2 free Leila engraved glasses. 70cle 24% Box Dimension: 20cm x 24cm x 7cm

Leila Limoncello Liqueur Gift Box

Leila Limoncello is a sweet, aromatic and refreshing liqueur made by the cold infusion of the zest of Mediterranean lemons. Pack includes 2 free glasses. 70cle 24% Best served chilled or on the rocks. Box Dimension: 20cm x 24cm x 7cm

Leila Amarettu Liqueur Gift Box

Leila Amaretto has a velvety smooth taste and unmistakable aroma of bitter-sweet almonds. This liqueur pairs perfectly with cocktails, coffee & shots. Pack includes 2 free Leila engraved glasses. 70cle 24% Box Dimension: 20cm x 24cm x 7cm

Leila Carob Liqueur Gift Box

Leila uniquely combines an all-natural infusion of Mediterranean carobs with aromatic herbs & the subtly sweet aftertaste of traditional liqueurs. Pack includes 2 free Leila engraved glasses. 70cl e 24% Best served chilled or on the rocks. Box Dimension: 20cm x 24cm x 7cm

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