Savina is looking for Area Developers around the world. Area Developers have the exclusive rights to represent and develop the Savina brand and to operate stores with the corporate identity and passion . Our partners need to believe in quality, good taste and enthusiasm to serve. They should possess strong industry background and organizational capabilities as well as the necessary human and financial resources. Please note that the standard selection process for an area development partnership often takes between six and eight months to complete. Savina is a brand seeking to promote a Mediterranean lifestyle concept to the global village.
We have three franchise offerings:

Savina Creativity Centre - A location run by the master franchisee for a country or a geographical area, having facilities to produce fresh delicacies, stock merchandise, train staff, customise gifts and organise distribution. Presently we have 1 Creativity Centre in Xewkija, Gozo.


Savina Gift Centre - A location with a typical Mediterranean setting, mainly targeted for tourists, offering a complete experience of the five senses through Savina's range of premium Mediterranean products, crafts and delicacies.


Savina Point - A dedicated space within high end gourmet stores and deli shops, presenting a selection of Savina’s range of delicacies, in a distinctive Savina Mediterranean ambience.

Please feel free to contact us on +356 79562236 or email
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