Cooking Sauces & Pates for the Gift of Good Taste!

The early history of tomato is not clear, but it is thought that the first known tomatoes grew wild in South America. The tomato was brought to Europe in the 16th century by the Spanish.  The early tomatoes introduced in Europe were small and yellow in colour hence named “golden apples” – “pomo d’oro” in Italian, „pommes d‘or“ in French and “tuffieħ tad-deheb” in Maltese. Today farmers in Gozo, still refer to tomatoes as “tuffieħ”.

Tomatoes flourished in the warm Mediterranean climate and by the 18th Century; the tomato featured prominently in Mediterranean dishes and Maltese cuisine. Nowadays tomatoes vary in colour, shape, size as well as flavour, and all taste best when ripened under the sun. Being blessed with the sun all year round, it is no wonder that Maltese tomatoes are amongst the best tasting in the world.

One of our specialties is creating tasty cooking sauces and pates.

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